Built Some

Will Morgan
Country Blues
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The five songs on “Built Some” were written in Seattle by Will Morgan except for “Jumper On the Line” by R.L. Burnside.

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Sample streaming tracks..

  1. See My Jumper Hangin' On the Line Will Morgan 3:56
  2. Abilene Will Morgan 2:46
  3. Climbing Your Ladder Will Morgan 4:43

Danielle Budianski – Bass
Spencer Looney – Drums
Ari Joshua – Guitars
Will Morgan – Guitar and vocals.

Phillip and Sharyn Peterson – Cello and Violin on “You Invite Me in Your Room.”

Adam Winrich – Harmonica on “Jumper”

Shelly Short – supporting vocal on “Hold Yourself Gently”

Guy Staley – recording.
Jon Auer – additional recording, background vocals, organ and mixing,

Thanks to Susan Carr and Guy for the vocal coaching.

Thank you Rick Fisher and Rachel Field at RFI Seattle where Ed Brooks mastered the record.

Cover art Val Meyerik.  CD design Lyn Blanchard.

Produced by Will Morgan
Teethskin Records (C) 2013