Will Morgan
Country Blues
  1. Abilene -:-- / -:--

No longer pushin’ 39, i hear the ring pick up the line,
and here’s my texas darlin’ on the phone.
with my birthday evenin’ call, don’t ya know i love that drawl,
central to pacific time zone.

Abilene, Abilene take care of this girl for me,
rest her well reveal your fields of green.
Abilene Abilene, this one sleepin’ means to me,
you’re the prettiest town that i ain’t ever seen.


I see you there in Abilene, the little soap the listerene
you clean your teeth and face up to a blush.
brush your hair and hum a tune, turn the light, like the new moon,
snuggle down and rest your head all plush.

Abilene Abilene, this woman means so much to me,
smile bright for her right with your first sun beam.
Abilene Abilene, where the stoplights change to green
the luckiest town to ever hold a dream…


I’d give all these California stars,
I’d give all these Oregon stars,
I’d give all these Washington stars,

Oh  Abilene